I would like to thank the following for their help and support.


  • Tom Haythornthwaite for building the website and preparing the maps 
  • Kate Marsden who acted as a consultant
  • Richard James, who re-formatted many of the images


Those who contributed invaluable words, images and ideas:


  • Tryphena Anderson 
  • Panya Banjoko 
  • Ross Bradshaw 
  • Gifty Burrows
  • Madge Campbell 
  • Roy Chambers 
  • Milton Crosdale
  • Audrey Dewjee
  • Jamie Franks
  • Cynthia Horton (née Powe)
  • Philipp K
  • Edith Maragh 
  • Becky Matter 
  • Elaine McMasters (née Powe) 
  • Johnny and Carmen Sibblies
  • James Walker


The documents, images and transcripts in this archive speak mainly for themselves.  Wherever possible I have included copies of original documents, but in some cases the original typeface, sometimes from a carbon copy of typed text, was difficult to read, and so appear as transcriptions.  At various points it has been necessary for me to add comments, explanations, or content which resides only in my memory.


Images:  wherever possible the source or photographer has been credited.


Jill Westby, 2023


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