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July 20, 2023

Born at 26 North Street, Kingston, Jamaica


Great Depression:  poverty and unemployment rife, wages low, housing and living conditions dire


Father, Richard Pow (Pow Un Chun) dies


Attended Chinese School, Kingston


Attended St Annes Elementary School, Kingston


Strikes and protests over starvation wages, poor working conditions and property rights


Outbreak of World War II:  food shortages prevailed, black-out regulations applied


Recruitment of Commonwealth people into the British Armed Forces begins


The Battle of the Caribbean:  German U-boats and Italian submarines disrupted and sank ships


World War II:  victory in Europe


World War II:  victory over Japan


Attended Kingston Technical High School


Volunteered in Kingston to join the RAF


Enlisted in Kingston


Disembarked in Greenock, Inverclyde, near Glasgow, with approximately 1000 other volunteers; transported to Hunmanby Moor, Filey, Yorkshire, for basic training


Designated Aircraftsman 2, sent to UNIT 9R radio station at RAF Yatesbury, Wiltshire, for radar training


Designated Aircraftsman 1


Joined 78 Wing in Ashburton, Devon


Joined 75 Wing also in Ashburton


Designated Leading Aircraftsman


Released from RAF Section 5 (2) and transferred to Southern Signals Base HQ


Recalled to RAF Filton, near Bristol


Sent to RAF Burtonwood, Cheshire


Embarked from Liverpool


Disembarked at Kingston on the day that 'HMT Empire Windrush' left


Arrival of 'HMT Windrush', Tilbury Docks, East London


Demobilised from the RAF in Kingston


Embarked on the S.S. Orbita as a civilian, sailing from Kingston


Disembarked at Liverpool


Based at Fern Lea, 123 Quarry Street, Woolton, Liverpool


Moved to 185 Bristol Road, Birmingham 5



Worked as an electrician's mate at Bellis & Morcom, Birmingham 16



Moved to Causeway Green Hostel for ex-servicemen


Violent incidents broke out between Polish and Jamaican residents


Married Barbara Poole in Oldbury, Worcestershire


Employed as a fitter for Gowshall Ltd, in Oldbury



First child, Terence, born


Employed as a tester for Beech Hill & Co. Ltd. in West Bromwich



Moved to 88 Jubilee Street, West Bromwich


Moved to 46 Bennett Street, Long Eaton


Worked as a machine operator for Elson & Robbins in Long Eaton



Second child, Malcolm, born


A founder member/associate of a number of local organisations devoted to combatting racism and discrimination; andé a member of left-wing political organisations and trade unions


Worked as an electrician for British Celanese in Spondon, Derbyshire



Worked as an electrician for C.W.S. Engineers in Nottingham



Third child, Daphne, born


Terence aged four, died in an accident, drowning in a local canal


Moved to Portland Road, Sawley, Derbyshire


Worked as an electrician at the Central Ordnance Depot, Chilwell, Nottinghamshire


Initiated a campaign to make the Raleigh Cycle Company reverse its policy of not employing black people; a boycott halting the export of Raleigh cycles to Jamaica was a large factor in its success


Studied Youth Leadership and Industrial Psychology at Workers Education Association evening classes


Studied English, Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, and Engineering Science in East Midlands Educational Union evening classes


Fourth child, Desmond, born


Labour MP Fenner Brockway's London house daubed with swastikas and 'Keep Britain White' slogans


Week-long riots in the St Anns area of Nottingham, with violent clashes between black and white people


Fifth child, born


Published a seminal pamphlet, Don’t Blame the Blacks on behalf of the Afro-Asian West Indian Union


Worked as an electrician at Brush Co. Ltd., Loughborough, Leicestershire


Jamaica achieves independence


Served as Labour Councillor in Sawley Ward for Long Eaton District Council


Met Jill Westby through Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


Mother, Leonora, died


Initiated a one-off sit-in in a pub, the Mechanics Arms, in St. Anns, which practiced racial segregation


Studied at Fircroft College, in Selly Oak, Birmingham, gaining GCEs


Enoch Powell 'Rivers of Blood' Speech


Worked as an electrician at Central Electrical Generating Board at Spondon, Derbyshire


Trained as a mathematics teacher at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic (now Nottingham Trent University)


Separated from Barbara


Acquired British citizenship


Summer holidays camping in Europe


Lived with friends in a shared house, in part of St. Anns, Nottingham, now designated as Mapperley


Taught mathematics at Robert Mellors Secondary School, Arnold, Nottinghamshire (now Arnold Academy)


Campaigned against low wages and poor conditions in a textile company employing Pakistani people


Helped people to successfully apply for visas, secure their right to remain, to apply for passports or British citizenship, as well as assisting with housing, financial, social and educational matters


The 1971 Immigration Act


Made annual solo visits, usually in winter, to Jamaica


George and Barbara divorced


Established the Afro-Caribbean National Artistic Centre in St. Anns, Nottingham


Visited Jamaica with Jill during Easter holidays


George and Jill married


George took early retirement from teaching


George and Jill moved into a house in Mapperley


Second Jamaican visit, for five weeks, in the summer holidays 


Hurricane Gilbert strikes Jamaica and the Caribbean


Served as Labour Councillor in Manvers Ward for the Nottinghamshire County Council


Third Jamaican visit with Jill - Christmas and New Year


Stephen Lawrence murdered in Plumstead, southeast London 


Changed surname by Deed Poll from 'Pow' to 'Powe'


An important contributor, particularly of political documents and artefacts, to Nottingham Black Archive


Home Secretary Theresa May's "Hostile Environment" policy launched


Last Jamaican visit with Jill, spring, celebrating sister Bibby's 90th birthday


George died at home, aged 87


Nottingham Black Archive No tears for me my mother project dedicated to his memory


Funeral held at the Baptist Church, Mansfield Road, Nottingham. Buried at Wilford Hill cemetery, Nottingham


Obituary by Jill Westby featured in the Guardian 'Other Lives'


Graphic novel 'Powe meets Africanus' by Panya Banjoko published


First deportation threats under the Windrush scandal


Featured in Nottingham Black Archive project 'Journeys to Nottingham'


Wendy Williams' "Windrush Lessons Learned Independent Review" report to the Home Office


Nominated for 'Windrush Legacy' award initiated by Jamaican High Commission to mark the 70th anniversary of the HMT Windrush


Commemorated as one of 500 Jamaicans receiving the 'Windrush Legacy' award


"Don't Blame the Blacks" Exhibition, a Nottingham Black Archive project opened at Nottingham Castle; pop-up version displayed at Primary contemporary visual arts organization


National Windrush Monument unveiled in London


Commemorative blue plaque installed on the 78th anniversary of his enlistment in the RAF, reading:  "Born in Jamaica.  Lived in England from 1948.  Prolific community activist against racism and inequality."  

In a voluntary capacity he helped thousands of Jamaicans in and around Nottingham to achieve their rights in manners of immigration, visas, divorce, tax returns, debt, child education, and in any other situation where it was clear that racial discrimination stood in the way of employment, education, or social opportunity.  This work became more crucial after the 1971 Immigration Act was passed.  On many occasions these issues reached the Magistrates' Courts and were always successful. website launched


Nottingham City Transport route 45 bus named "George Powe" on 87th anniversary of his birth


Successful campaign to reverse discriminatory employment practices at Raleigh featured in the BBC 'Antiques Road Show'


Illegal Migration Act 2023 becomes law